Friday, 7 December 2012

Art, Graphic Design and Value Seminar

What are the differences between fine art and graphic design?

-Different contexts
-Graphic Design aims to inform and directly convey a particular connotation
-Graphic Design is usually to be mass produced whereas fine art is more exclusive
-Fine art allows for broader experimentation
-Different purposes
-Media and method of production - fine art could not be created digitally

-High culture (painting, caviar, champagne, opera etc) ELITISM
-Mass production vs. individual production
-Historical specificity vs. timeless

Arisman, M (2003) 'Is there a fine art to illustration?
-Fine art is pure
-Illustration is the beginning of selling out
-Graphic design is commercial art
-Advertising is selling - period

Art vs. Graphic Design
-Ambiguity of complexity of meaning
-The designer as wage labourer
-Cultural significance - ephermality
-Expression and individuality
-Creativity/problem solving

Manet (1882)
Sigmar Polke (1969) - white canvas with small text and black top corner
David Carson
Allen Hori (1989)
Pollock (1947)
Are these works really that different when compared to one another?

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