Thursday, 28 November 2013

Lecture 8: Censorship & Truth

 Kate Winslet - Elongated legs on Photoshop - GQ Magazine
 Is there a problem with manipulating an image to sell a product?

 Iraq War. Two images at top combined to make the 3rd image.

Idea of truth. Robert Capa - not his real name. He made this name up to document photographs. This image made people unsure as to whether its the real death of the Loyalist Soldier, or a staged event. It was revealed this was the actual moment of death of the Soldier. 

Representation of the modern era. Jean Baudrillard

 Peter Turnley's work was published in a book. He went on tour after the first World War. Talking about the fact that photography during WW1 was highly censored to follow the ways in which the Government wanted the War to be seen. Talks about scenes and sins which he was not allowed to show. Also talks about 'The Mile of Death'. 

Trying to show people a very different side of the war which was hidden by Government regulations. 

Caused a lot of offence to people who took place in the War due to the title. He was aiming to raise awareness of the hidden nature of the media production and what they showed.

Could question the use of black and white photography. Does this take away the sense of reality? or is it relevant to the content?

Early 90s - taken for granted that newspapers included images. The British Press were criticised for using this image on the front of their newspapers.. argued it was 'too truthful' and not appropriate for many readers. 

Uses mix of black and white and colour images of destruction. Could be hiding the reality of War. Desensitised version of the War.

Deck of an aircraft carrier. Sitting on a cruise at leisure.. ironic.

Sexual ambiguity. Makes some people think about fellacio. 

Metaphorical reference to sex.

Questioning notions of racism. Benneton is an Italian company. Dying aids victim shown in the top right image. Homosexuality was frowned upon. Dying man resembles Jesus Christ.

poor reflection on the advertising industry. Nothing more innocent than a new born baby, however this image suggests otherwise.

Appeared on billboards to a very large scale. Most complained about advert in 5years. Seen as being a sexualised image.. suggests Opium provides a form of ecstasy. 

Seen as less sexualised by advertising standards when rotated 90degrees. Why?

Not anatomically correct. Mythological subject matter. Venus & Cupid - a mother and sun. Seen as acceptable as this is high end culture fine art. Incestuous scene.

Sexualised images of young girls. Uncomfortable scenes. 

The singer in the second image was fifteen when she was painted for this image. Does fine art sit outside the restrictions of political correctness? There was no questioning of the inclusion of the young nude girl.

We are entitled to freedom of speech in a Democratic Society. Where is the line though?

Not actually smoking. Should this be available to buy, or is it encouraging smoking?

Docmentation of her family growing up. Is this damaging to the children? Is it advocating child pornography. Is it however right for them to be put into a gallery and made widely available without their consent?

Images depict nudity.

Former fashion model in her own right. Views her work as innocent. None of the scenes are staged and they are natural/never manipulated. Is she just naive?

Photographed her friends children playing together.

Her mother allowed her to go ahead with this. Photographed for a magazine close to the nature of pornography. Contrasting male and female // adult and child

Is this redressing the balance of sexual objectification?