Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Speaking from Experience - Research

Business Card research

Subtle use of colour - simple but effective and eye-catching

Creative Underground
Clever & simple use of type and image


Ideas to consider:
-Give students an form of contact if they have any questions about their 1st year at uni
-Create a freshers pack which is fun, motivational and makes each student feel welcome.
-Use bold design elements in order to produce an outcome which is professional and aspiring.
-Consider items which would be exclusive to graphic designers and therefore make them feel part of a community. 
-Give students a freshers pack which they want to keep and remember from their first few days at freshers.
-Consider socialising, student habits, useful information and fun extras.
-Base research on existing 1st years to gain a wide range of opinions, feed back and examples of their experiences over their 1st year of Graphic Design at LCA.
-Find a balance between a lighthearted, friendly tone.. with a sophisticated and professional visual element.
-Use consistent type, imagery and colour throughout the design process to form a strong sense of identity - emphasising the new graphics community the 1st years are becoming part of. 

Condom Packaging

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