Friday, 18 January 2013

Lecture: Creative Advertisng & New Media

Aim: To encourage in current (academic & industry) debate, surrounding the impact of new media on communication and creativity.
-Understand distinctions between mass and new media
-Consider shifts in aspects of advertising strategy
-Speculate the implications of NM on creativity
-Think about the impact of NM on the role of the creative

What is new media?
' that works not through persuasion or impressions but through engagement and involvement. (Sutherland, 2009)

Advertising strategy (Emotive)
-Required speaking to the masses
-global print campaigns
-Imagery of Britannia and Royalty suited all domestic and imperial markets
-High-feeling strategy (signs = patriotism & empire)

Old & new communication models
-Old - transmission - transmit ideas to an audience
-New - Engage with an audience via computer (mediated communication) CMC.
-New media based on... (ICTs) such as the internet and cell phones, invite us to think in exciting new ways about advertising, as an industry and communication process (Spurgeon, 2008)

The Kaiser Chiefs' Bespoke Album creation experience

New media model
-Advertising & New Media - Spurgeon, 2008
-Shift from mass to My media
-more targeted
-Audience involvement
-(a) voluntarily passing viewing ads (virals)
-(b) creating spoofs or filming events
-more personalised

Viral; unpaid advertising
-Definition: 'unpaid peer-to-peer communication od (provocative content originating from an identified sponsor using the internet to persuade or influence an audience to pass along the content to others' Southgate, et al, 2010, p350
-One distinction between old and new media
-Voluntary viewings (video viewing online)
-Forced viewings (TV, Cinema or print)

The third Screen
-Mobile phones will soon become the greatest tool for persuasion, more so than any other medium for advertising (Fogg, 2003)
-Fastest growing markets in the creative industries (mobile learning Conference 2009 1st Dec, 2009, London)

Levi's Go Forth Campaign
-Highly crafted film & photography
-Walt Whitman poetry website
-Global Go Forth Campaign
-Wieden & Kennedy
-Launch film Facebook
-Cinema, then TV

Print ads Photography - Ryan McGinley

Jeff Luker - Photographer


Impact of NM Conclusions
1. Shift from old to new media
2. Blurring communication, entertainment, education creators, producers, consumers & professional roles
3. New models communication, creativity & agency structures
4. Third layer experimental, engaging, social & tacttile
5. Golden age of creativity - embrace it
6. New skill-set work collaboratively on and off line
7. Creatives LCA Ad, photo, fashion, DFGA, Graphics
8. Old media had a beginning. Narrative of New Media open. 

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