Thursday, 19 December 2013

OUGD504: Design For Print & Web Research

My chosen ISTD brief was Mutton Quad. The task was to create a typographic restaurant. I began by researching into existing typographic food ideas. I wanted to work with the idea of 'Editble Type' - inspired by our Typogato brief last year. For typogato we were asked to design and bake a typographic cake of our choice, to be entered into a competition among the class. I really enjoyed that brief, so thought it would be a fun concept to further experiment with.

I began researching typographic food with the idea of 'food for thought' and 'edible type'. I researched food in general to begin to get ideas of what type of food I wanted to use in my own restaurant.

Edible Gelatin Type: 
Lucía Rallo and Aranxa Esteve of Spanish design duo m-inspira.

Food Type: 
Nuria Bringué Bergua

Robert Bolesta

Anna Garforth

Famous British desserts in pictures

End of Work - Meet the Greek Identity & Interiors
invite to the opening night
business cards
interiors - Greek Taverna
typographic map of Greece - made up of three layers of the typographic family names
Authentic and historical

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