Wednesday, 29 January 2014

OUGD505: Study Task 1: Product, Range & Distribution

You will create a body of research that explores the relationship between content, context and product in relation to an individually chosen subject or theme. In this exercise, you will begin to research a range of information and responses that clearly and effectively communicate and utilises your concepts in relation to:

A brief history of...A collection of...
An introduction to...
Things you need to know about…
An exhibition of…

Further Information
Research is expected to be both visual research and written information, which will be presented in a set of design boards.You will be presenting this information during a concept crit on Tuesday, 4th February, 2014.

For this brief, I began by writing a list of a few subjects which interest me, or topics I wanted to learn more about. A few of my initial thoughts included: 

1. Sign Language
2. Braille
3. Morse Code

Morse Code Wine Bottle

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