Saturday, 8 February 2014

Individual Practice: Outsiders Book Cover Research

Research into existing book jacket designs for 'The Outsiders'

A minimal approach focusing on a comb. It can be suggested this has been used as a reference to 'The Greasers' - one of the main gangs involved in the story. I like the bold use of black and orange to grab the reader's attention. This minimal approach is a style which is similar to my own work. I would hope to think of a concept similar, focusing on a key element of the story. This works effectively as it doesn't give away any clues to the story/plot, tempting readers to discover more through purchasing/reading the book.

This illustrative approach is bold, unique and visually pleasing. It can be suggested to readers who have not yet read the book, that there are a lot of hidden clues within this image. The image is bold and ambiguous. The type also works nicely with the overall image.

The aesthetic of this book cover appears to be more modern with the inclusion of photography. The black and white filter creates a moody tone of voice. The guys in the photograph look tough, rough and fairly intimidating.

Similar to the previous post, this book cover uses black and white photography of a young male teenager (supposedly the main character - Ponyboy). He looks rugged, as if ready to fight an opponent. This gives a slight insight to the violent theme which runs throughout the story.

Mikey Burton

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