Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lecture: A history of Creative Advertising

-First British Tycoon - Lever - built a gallery for public port sunlight during the 19th century.
-Born 1851

1851 - The Great Exhibition
-Colour printing on a larger scale - 19th Century

Pre-packaging (Lewis 2008)
-1860s cereal company - print, fold and fill cardboard boxes mechanically.

Advertising boom
Printing boom - technological progress
reproduction and colour - 1880

'colourful and innovative'

1990s - advertisements in leeds were mainly text-based.

First creative agencies
-Cracknell (2011) late 19th century advertising agencies sold space in newspapers commission/negotiations.
-US - Rowell American Newspaper.
-UK - followed fixed rates to clients.

First global campaigns
-Soap. Sunlight Soap

Innovative Events
Lever Bros. Switzerland

-'The power of truth... the trick is to tell the truth but make it interesting. Truth can be disarming.'

The Lynx effect

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