Thursday, 11 October 2012

Alphabet Soup Research


For alphabet soup I was given the word boom. I began by researching the word and finding a few examples of images related to it.

When I researched the synonyms of boom one was 'blow'. I came across this image of a man whose head has exploded. I love this image, I think it is effective and unusual.

Another synonym was 'bang'. I have always loved fireworks, they are so colourful and the sounds they make can be so powerful they cause people to feel a vibration. I want to try and create an outcome which represents this without the support of the sound itself.

Boombox Tower
Although I am intending to work two-dimensional,  I think it is important to consider how effective it could also be 3D. I think it would be interesting to incorporate boom-boxes into my final outcomes somehow. 

Another Boombox
If we were able to use colour I think I would probably consider similar neon contrast as used in the photo of a retro boom box below. The bright colours really add to the statement.

 Explosion no. 2
I think explosions are another great way to portray the word boom. They create an loud, dramatic response. 

Explosion no. 3
 When I found this image on Pinterest it was captioned 'minimal explosion'. At first I wasn't sure if I agreed but after a bit more thought I realised it was ideal. I like how the colour gradually fades back into itself. It shows a sense of a slow, relaxed explosion which is ironic. Id like to incorporate a sense of movement in my own work so this is a good reference.
 Pop-up Type
I hadn't considered the idea of popup but this really interested me. Again, if I was to decide to work 3D this is definitely an idea I would experiment further with.

Soundwave Typeface
I love this! It is beautifully created and must have taken a long time to perfect. As I am interested in using sound waves in my final outcomes, this was a great source of inspiration. 

This is great. The idea is simple but effective and the colour on the disks works as nice bonus. If we had more time I would really of liked to have a go at this on a smaller scale or digitally.

 One of the main images which kept appearing throughout my image research was a variety of cartoon-style booms, bangs, blams and crashes. I liked all of these but thought it was a bit overused already and I ideally wanted to generate something new.

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