Thursday, 11 October 2012

Love and Hate


I really like all of Dan Tobin Smith's work. He creates visually engaging images using edffective composition, photography and colour. I found this advertisement for Lurpak ironic becauase Lurpak has almost no flavour yet he has chosen to highlight the ingredients. I love the use of colour, like in most of his work. Generally I think this is a strong advertisement. It tempts me to buy Lurpak and I know I don't like the taste!


I think this is some sort of template for a hair salon business card or leaflet. I have always noticed how badly designed most beauty salon leaflets are. Like the example above they use as many different fonts as possible, each in a different size. The images are usually not from the salon itself which makes it misleading. The image in this example would definitely not encourage me to go to this hair salon!

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