Friday, 26 October 2012

Love and Hate

This piece of design is a great example of how effective simplicity can be. Although the image only consists of the instruction 'stop and think' the message is bold, clear and motivational. In my opinion effective design usually intents to make people stop and think. Therefore this could be interpreted as a representation for all graphic design, but stripped of all identity.

I discovered Sohei Nishino last summer when I visited the Saatchi Gallery in London. I loved these collages where he had photographed cities such as London, New York and Paris and placed the images together to recreate each city as best as he remembered. I'm really inspired by clever use of photography like this, it gives a whole new perspective on something which is usually taken for granted.

I have always hated pink and red together, I think the colours distract from one another as they are reasonably similar. The example above is a prime example of design which I hate for many reasons. Not only is it pink and red, they have used every other colour they could possibly think of! The type itself is also distracting; the mixture of Comic Sans and Ariel in bold, italic and underlined styles is unnecessary. Generally this webpage is trying so hard to impress the audience visually, the subject matter is lost. 

As a Londener I got so fed up seeing this logo continuously placed around the city during the Olympics. I have never personally like the design, again I think it is trying too hard to incorporate a vast amount of concepts. Once reseaching into the design motives I did start to appreciate that there was a great amount of thought put into the design but visually I think it just seems clumsy and rushed.

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